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Greg Thirtyacre Sr.



Gregory H. Thirtyacre has been the owner of 30 Acre Towing & Recovery, LLC located in Grove City, Ohio since 2007.  Mr. Thirtyacre is a successful entrepreneur with professional experience in financial planning, business management, commercial real estate development and residential real estate rentals.  His professional resume includes:

  • Thirtyacre & Associates Financial Services (1976-1986) President & Owner - Financial planning and investment services

  • The Tan Reflection, Inc. (1986-2001) Chief Operating Officer - Development and franchise of Tan Reflection businesses in three states

  • Chancellor Group Investments (1984-Present) Founder/Owner – Purchase and sale of over 75 rental properties with current portfolio of 35 properties

  • Heritage Group Properties (1984-Present) Founder & Owner – Management of a portfolio containing 100+ properties

  • M.S.T. Investments, Inc. (2000-2008) Founder & Co-Owner – Commercial real estate development company

  • Heritage Group Investments, Inc. (1986-2010) Founder & Owner – Commercial business development


NCJC Housing and Development Foundation

  • Founding Board Member (2008 – present)

    • Offices held: President (2008 – present)


North Columbus Jaycees Housing, Inc.

  • Jaycee Arms- Board Member (1981 – present)

    • Offices held: President (1989 – present), Trustee (1981 – present)


North Columbus Jaycee Housing II, Inc.

  • Jaycee Village – Board Member (1981 – present)

    • Offices Held: President (2000-2001), Vice President (three terms), Treasurer (six terms), Trustee (1981 – present)


North Columbus Jaycee Housing III, Inc.

*Board of Directors overseeing business and financial matters for the North Columbus Jaycees – No specific property oversight provided

  • Board Member (1994 – present)

    • Offices held: President (five terms) & Trustee (1994 – present)


640 Columbus Investments, Inc.

  • Jaycee Manor – Board Member (2003 – present)

    • Offices held: President (2003 – present)



North Columbus Jaycees – Member (1981 – present)

  • Treasurer (one term)

  • Vice President (one term)

  • Director (four terms)

  • Chapter President (one term)


Business Against Child Abduction – Co-Founder (1988 – 1996)

Non-profit organization that provided education and coordination among local and federal law enforcement agencies, business owners and the community at large in child abduction education.  They placed billboards statewide to assist in finding missing children, participated in radio talk shows with John Walsh to expand public education and sponsored educational symposiums for local law enforcement and the FBI.


Eliminate Drugs and Gangs Everywhere (E.D.G.E.) – Founder (1988 – 1998)

Provided drug testing kits for all Columbus police cruisers and sponsored drug awareness programs in elementary and junior high schools throughout the state of Ohio.

Greg Thirtyacre Sr.
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